Catching the wave

“Your pussy is a superstar,” he said. I exploded in giggles. That is how today’s OM started. What that had to do with the rest of the OM, or this blog post, god only knows.

The clit is like an entryway into the areas of my body that need unwinding. There is a correspondence going on- or a linking up with, at the least- to the areas in my body that are not open, in some way or another. Energy will find those places, if I can submit my will to the divine.

The invitation is to catch a ride on the divine’s wave, wherever it is flowing. Can I slow down and quiet my intellect long enough to catch the wave? When I do this- when I go into what John F Barnes calls channel 3 (versus the left brain of channel 5), the wave is felt and entwined with. From here, there is no limitation and nothing that can’t be explored.

Today my clit and his finger led me on a journey into the lower part of my back, above the birthing place of kunda. It felt like there was a direct energetic line going from my clit/his finger into this area, and my “job” was to simply follow the wave, it’s flow- and to allow the wave to unwind this area in my back. Today the energy was very subtle- it was just a hint at times. And it was easy to “loose” the wave. That may have made it just that much sweeter, as my attention rose to the occasion to follow the wave and allow the unwind to flow.

It’s a mysterious journey, to follow the wave. To not know where it’s going, what it’s doing, what’s going to happen. Am I doing it right? Should I be doing it differently? Those left brain thoughts (channel 5) kick in, and if I’m aware enough I’ll notice them and let them pass without getting hooked into them. Back into channel 3 I go, where I am following divine movement- no agenda, no “knowing” other then this. Trust. Submission to the divine. Courage. Strength. The journey of an OM.


Web of sensations

This morning, my OM dude exclaimed, “how precious!” when checking out my pussy. The sweetness and sincerity flowed out of him and I could feel it through my being. Receiving and welcoming this expression is important to me- it’s been part of my journey. He always greets my pussy with love, and yet each time he does I am taken aback. It’s a gift. An unexpected gift that I try my best to open fully to, despite the roaming thoughts in my head that span from unworthiness to doubt. I let those thoughts be seen and then I let them float by and I go underneath them to the real juice of love and beauty. Ahhh, the land of OM.

The depth of my OM’ing experiences continues to magnify and expand and show itself in new and marvelous ways. My attention used to be mainly on my dude’s finger/clit sensations, as well as on the various sensations in periphery to his finger and the clit sensations. Of course misc. thoughts and images would float in and out, but I was able to keep the present in my attention most of the time- and that centered around his finger and my clit. What has started to happen in the past couple weeks is that my attention is often no longer on his finger or my clit, but spread out to the rest of my body. My attention usually still starts on his finger/my clit, but then what seems to happen is that when my clit is stroked, something somewhere else in my body lights up, and my attention is immediately thrown there.

Lately it’s been heart, throat, sacrum and legs- and then out through the feet and the crown- and then everywhere at once. It’s like a web exists deep inside of me, and my attention is there to study and deeply explore this web. My body opens and closes, shakes and elongates, gushes and rests. Sometimes it feels like too much, and I feel like I might burst into a million pieces. Other times the waves are smooth and fluid. Sometimes the attention is in the torso/head area, and seems to stay there for a while. Then it will suddenly drop into the sacrum- as if my sacrum has suddenly become activated, and then the energy flows through my legs and feet. After the sacrum is turned on, my whole body becomes turned on, and energy starts to flow down and up and around and out all at the same time.

Today it felt like I was exploring this web for 2/3rds of the time. At some point my attention landed back to his finger/my clit. Once there, the whole of my being seemed to come alive, in an even more intense way then before- a different kind of way. A vibrant, electric feeling all over. Heat. Body orgasms ebbing and flowing. Orgasms that seem nothing to do with my clit, and are much “bigger” and expansive and all encompassing.

A lot happens in the course of 15 minutes. I wish I could record what is happening from start to finish- it feels like universes are explored in that short time. Words are often inadequate, and perhaps that is the beauty of OMing.

The tiniest of strokes

The tiniest of strokes
Yield endless caverns
Fine-tuning focus
Explodes into whole body exuberance
I’m reclaiming my heart


No where to go, nothing to do
This. This. This.
Oxygen starved cells- saturated
An avalanche out of control
I’m reclaiming my heart


It’s simple, delicate, bombarding
Subtle, extreme, fluid, convulsing
To ride the wave of the movement
Submerged under, rockets climbing
I’m reclaiming my heart


An amusement park of jubilance
Wavering along the edge of a precipice
That can’t be seen
Yet surely exists
I’m reclaiming my heart


No plans, no agendas
Except when there are
Peek a boo! Spotted.
The usual hide and seek, lost and found
I’m reclaiming my heart


Hovering as orgasmic bliss
A collection of energetic presence
Dimensions emerge
Beneath, above, around, throughout- ziiiiing
I’m reclaiming my heart


Sweet lover, softness revealed
As if there is no skin to protect
The eruption of sensational purity
Leads back to itself again and again
I’m reclaiming my heart




One day after an Om, I had the thought of how cool it would be to chronicle my journey of om’ing. I thought about it a lot. Almost after every om I wanted to write about some aspect of the experience. 6 months later, and here’s this blog.

There’s so much that happens in the period of an om. Setting up, the actual om, and the frames afterwards. So much data that rushes in, that lingers, that stays with me, and that is fleeting. I hope to capture some of that data here, before it gets to the fleeting stage. 🙂