The tiniest of strokes

The tiniest of strokes
Yield endless caverns
Fine-tuning focus
Explodes into whole body exuberance
I’m reclaiming my heart


No where to go, nothing to do
This. This. This.
Oxygen starved cells- saturated
An avalanche out of control
I’m reclaiming my heart


It’s simple, delicate, bombarding
Subtle, extreme, fluid, convulsing
To ride the wave of the movement
Submerged under, rockets climbing
I’m reclaiming my heart


An amusement park of jubilance
Wavering along the edge of a precipice
That can’t be seen
Yet surely exists
I’m reclaiming my heart


No plans, no agendas
Except when there are
Peek a boo! Spotted.
The usual hide and seek, lost and found
I’m reclaiming my heart


Hovering as orgasmic bliss
A collection of energetic presence
Dimensions emerge
Beneath, above, around, throughout- ziiiiing
I’m reclaiming my heart


Sweet lover, softness revealed
As if there is no skin to protect
The eruption of sensational purity
Leads back to itself again and again
I’m reclaiming my heart




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