Ready or not, Here I OM. Part 2.

I put a shirt on and we get into position. He feels especially conscious of body placement and connection, lining his right foot up against my left foot like I like it. As my legs unfold/open to him, he beautifully comments on the sight of my pussy. The timer starts.

And the fire returns.

I’m riding the wave of the fire move through me. There is a sense of pressure in my clit that I don’t ever remember feeling while OM’ing, even though his touch is of the lightest of touches. Images are quickly flashing though my mind, and I cry out, “I want to fuck you so badly.” He takes it in and calmly responds, “You will. Later.” I laugh at myself and my urgency and settle back in with a breath. Ok. I can do this, I say to myself. Deep breaths. Centering. Back to the touch of finger and clit.

Waves of orgasm continue to shoot through my body. The images fling themselves upon me and the pressure in my yoni is immense. I suddenly can’t contain myself any longer and I fold my left leg over to meet my right leg, attempting to contain the pressure between my legs. I roll toward him. I don’t know what I say, but probably something like “I can’t take it.” I have images of pushing him back. Of over taking him. Of opening his shorts and grabbing his cock, rubbing it inside the folds of my yoni and against my clit. I do none of that, and lay still panting. He softly chuckles a bit, and patiently and calmly says it’s ok. And guides my legs back to their open position, and attempts to ground me on my legs and pussy. He’s such a rock amidst my storm. Once again I breath, and center myself, laughing again at my extreme sense of urgency and passion and lack of self discipline.

The OM continues, and my ability to focus comes back. I am no longer overwhelmed by the images, and instead sink more deeply into my body and into the direct sensations, feeling the orgasms having their way with me. I even stop wanting the timer to go off, so thoughts must have faded out of my attention too. Eventually, the “ding!” does goes off, and he grounds me.

We briefly share frames as we’re laughing, clearing off the space, and prepare to physically merge.


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