Layers of orgasms

We weren’t a minute into our OM when the first orgasmic wave shot up my body and literally took my breath away. It was like a hot cord ran up from my yoni area (it felt non local at that time) to my chest and then beyond. I gasped and it took a bit before I could find my next inhalation. Saturation of stimuli held me for a moment, until breathing resumed.

Attention continued flowing “above” my clit throughout the rest of my body. It was as if my clit was non existent, as waves of orgasm went up and down my body. In time, attention “lowered” and I felt his finger stroking me. Paying attention to the warmth and pressure there, I felt a short reprieve, so to speak- as if the clit was home base and i was resting there.

That lasted just a moment- and then attention was brought back to that space “above” the clit. But then a merging of sorts happened. Attention merged with the clit and the waves flowing up and down my body. Merging at times, dancing at others. Playing.

Attention went back to the clit for awhile, until my sacrum lit on fire, and then attention went downward- into the level “beneath” my body. The waves continued up and down my body, but from underneath. The orgasmic dance continued: clit, sacrum, “underneath”.

I felt the rhythmic figure 8 start to flow that I often do during OMs: down my left leg, up his right leg, through our bodies, up /his my torso/head, and then back down. Repeat.

Into the grounding 2 minutes, I felt my yoni orgasmically contract and release, shooting more waves throughout my body. The continued through our frames. And as I type, the waves continue. The layers weave through each other, showing up specifically sometimes and not at all other times. A mysterious dance of the relative in the absolute’s playground.


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