My main OM partner and I did two OMs last night. The first was nothing to write about, so to speak. But the second one went in a different direction then ever before experienced. His finger on my clit was out of my attention- it was as if I couldn’t even really access it. Instead my attention was on the finger at my vaginal opening. It felt like that finger was pulsing into the tail bone/root area of my being, like a subtle drum. I kept my attention there and it felt like a fire was being built. The fire grew and grew, and started to flow down my legs and out my feet. This aspect has been experienced before, but the the “fire” itself was situated differently in my body and the intensity was a bit stronger, more forceful.

Over time my attention landed back on my clit, and a couple different times I could feel my being approach a climax but instead the energy shot straight up, and outward throughout my body in an orgasmic wave.


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