Om’ing partners

I OM 99% of the time with someone who is also my lover. I’m guessing this influences our OMs in ways that i’m not even aware of. I have been considering inviting others into my life to OM with me, and during this morning’s OM I found myself a bit more aware of those influences.

When I was laying with my legs open to my lover, and he was connecting with my legs and body, I could feel how I bring our relationship/life into our OM. That’s a bit hard to describe, but I could feel it. I could feel how I was not leaving everything behind at the door, so to speak. Once noticing that, I found myself much deeper in presence, and much more connected to myself. And it dawned on me in a split second that this level of self containment would be useful and perhaps necessary to OM with “strangers” or with people I’m not in sexual relationship with. Which is not to say that I’m wanting to close myself off to the other person. Not at all. It does seem like a tricky balance of internal and external referencing- staying open to receive from other (and to give to other), while staying inwardness connected. Perhaps that is one of my main rabbit holes of the moment.

I continue to be curious how I can feel safe and ready to OM with other people in an area that has no OM community.


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