Attention on attention on attention…..

I’ve heard that science tells us that at in any given moment we have about 16-21 bits of data in our attention in any given moment. Depending on what’s going on, that might seem like a lot. Or, when considering that there are literally millions bits of data in any given moment, it may seem like not much.

I love practices that slow me down- it seems that when i’m slowed down a bit, attention is more able to explore the vast amount data in my experience. Mediation is like that, and OMing is like that. The more I practice either, the more it spills out into my life in such a way that life starts to be experienced as a constant experience of meditation- or of expanded noticings. YUM!

Back to OMing- my morning OM in particular. As my OM partner began to stroke my clit, I immediately noticed how my body was turned on, in so many ways! Attention jumped and jumped and jumped. X sensation in the inner left leg. X sensation in my hip. X sensation on my clit. X sensation on the area around my clit. And so on. It was like i was on the yummiest of amusement park rides: thrill after thrill. At times there were so many yummy bits that wanted attention- and it was clear that “I” was not in control. I’d have a moment where I thought it would be nice to just hang out in X area. But then attention would be pulled to Y area. And so on. Sometimes attention would seem very narrowly focused, like there was a study on the most subtle and tiniest of an area. And other times it would feel like attention was quite “wide” and felt very expanded. Neither area/experience was better then the other- they were all so pleasurable and all part of my experience of being turned on!

Aside from the pleasure and over all yum, I was so entertained by how attention jumped around, and i was so entertained that there was attention on the attention jumping around. And THEN there was the ongoing entertainment of connecting to that which was attending to the attention on attention on attention. Phew!

Being a human being, with the ability to have conscious awareness, is a marvelous thing. I love engaging in practices which allow my system to experience the spaciousness where so much can be noticed and so much can be experienced. Thank you OM!!!


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