Following the thread

It had been 11? days since our last OM. I was perhaps a bit turned on before we even started. 🙂

The second his finger hit my clit, it felt as if a thread or a line ignited- right below my coccyx a bit on the left side. That thread shot up through my back and through my throat. His finger was long gone out of my attention, and this thread was the only thing that seemed to exist. The thread ran straight through what became a surging space of energy at the root chakra. This became my new area of focus, and i breathed in and out of this heat/location.

At one point the energy grid in my system seemed to open up and i had a visual of the meridian system or an actual grid in my body- something you might see on an acupuncturists wall. I could feel the grid in my upper body turn on, and the energy flow up the different threads/meridians that ran through my body. Eventually the threads started to form through the lower part of my body too. And then out my feet. Which then turned into a rhythmic kriya flow moving through my body in a circular flow.

Attention went to and from the clit/finger, and at times the sensitivity of my clit seemed too much, even though i knew my partner was using the lightest of possible touches.

I also had a couple very overwhelming times when i didn’t think i could tolerate it any longer, and would have to get on top of him and rub my clit and yoni on his cock. I also had a very strong urge to get on top of him when his stroke changed for the last 2 minutes- longer strokes often turn me on even more, or just as much. He has assured me that he’ll not deviate from his OM position, even if i try to over power him, but after our OM i asked him if he’d let me do it just one time, to see what that would be like. 😛


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