New OMs

I wrote about recruiting new people to OM with in my last blog post. I met with both people and told them about OMing and my OMing experiences. Both were then trained by an OM coach and watched various videos on OMing. And then we OM’d!

Both OMs went really well. Which is to say – I made requests, keep attention on my clit, experience orgasmic aliveness, and experienced some ease with each person throughout the process. So that’s my over all assessment.

From a more refined assessment, I’m drawn to explore the sense of vigilance. There was more vigilance experienced during both OMs then I typically experience due to a lot of factors- three  factors include it was the first time for both OM strokers, I barely know either of them (had only met them one time before), and since there was no live coach present I was in the position of teaching them while receiving. OMing is quite simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s not easy. Despite the Skype coaching sessions, talking with me, and watching various OM videos, it seems that truly groking that this practice has nothing to do with masturbating a woman takes time. There are built in assumptions that can’t help but be brought into an OM session- or any situation for that matter. The common “mistakes” that I mostly noticed was the incorrect positioning and movement of the hands/fingers/stroking finger. While it might sound simple to instruct “touch with as much pressure as you’d touch your eye lid”, it can get translated into something differently by the brain. So, “lighter pressure”, “smooth even strokes”, “shorter stroke” and “slower” were my repeated requests.

I am certainly not saying anything went wrong, or that the strokers did anything wrong. What i’m noticing is that without live instruction, my vigilance centers were a bit more turned on as i was paying closer attention to  fumbling fingers.  It was further complicated by the fact that I couldn’t actually see what was going on- I could sense that hands weren’t in proper placement, that the fingers weren’t pulling back the hood, and so on, but I only had sensations to guide me. So in a sense, vigilance came as I was trying to figure out what was going on down there!

I will say that my vigilance was able to relax quite a bit throughout the OM at various points. And by the end of the session, both of them really seemed to  get the hang of the practice, and there was more of a settling in experience all around. To be honest I think the they both did great for their first time!

My OM coach has offered to train live (using Skype) and I’m really excited about that. It feels like I will be able to let her take charge of the technical aspects, while I can continue to let the sensations guide me into making particular requests.

Some vigilance came in ways that were surprising, although upon reflection I can see how the vigilance was similar to some things that were present when  I first started OMing a year ago.  Mainly, there was an internal questioning and editing of my innate responses of receiving pleasure- body movements, noises, undulations, etc.  With these new strokers, I was worried at times of being too turned on! I was worried they’d think that it meant I’d want to have sex with them. I was worried that they think I was being too dramatic. Basically, I was worried that they’d judge me and that they’d make my response to mean something other then what they were. This was really cool to see, as this kind of vigilance comes forth in various situations in my life. I was able to see these displays of vigilance, and then let them be- to let my body fall into the orgasm, so to speak. I don’t think I was able to let go fully, but i think this will happen with time. It’s just part of the process of trusting that my orgasm is safe, needs no defending, and is beautiful.

Super grateful for the new OMing experiences, for my OM coach, and for those who support OMing. I wish there was an OMing hub where i live! 😀


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