Root chakra and vigilance

I had an OM with my usual OM partner today, after a 5 week break. Since our last OM, we’ve both been trained by an OM coach, and have introduced new (for us) bits into our practice, adding to the novelty of the experience.

Today I noticed that it was only a matter of minutes until my root chakra “came on line”, or into attention. My attention started on my clit, and then all of the sudden  clunked “down and in” to my root area. It felt mildly like i’d dropped a level downwards (which is ironic, bc the area seems to be right below the position of the stroking finger during an OM), along with warm sensations and a moving outwards sense of energy- usually starting in one direction and then eventually culminating outwards in all directions, or at the least both down through my legs and up my spine.

After the OM was done I got curious about the root chakra showing up in attention so quickly. This was not the first time- in fact usually i notice some kind of dance of attention btw the root chakra and the stroking finger. But today I pondered it a bit more, particularly as compared to the 2 OM experiences i’d had previously in the week with new OMing partners. It would make sense that there would be more vigilance with the new OM partners, and less with who I  OM’d with today- a person i’ve been OM’ing with for the past year and have been in relationship with the last 6+ months. Without the vigilance, my root chakra came right on line, which would make sense, as the root chakra is often attributed to security and survival. Without my system needing to protect itself or keep watch, it was able to relax and open.

Other interesting bits I noticed: 1. my attention would be mainly on the clit/finger, or on the sacral area and energy moving from there, but not both at the same time. There were a few times when i noticed a weaving of the energies/areas/attention- as if the areas were not separate areas, but one larger area. Some kind of syncing up. 2. Toward the end I started to feel energy build in my left lower leg and foot, which then flowed into my partners right leg, and wove it’s way up my body in a figure 8, and then back down in a figure 8. This too has happened before. 3. The last thing I was noticing was how keeping my mouth closed (nostril breathing) seemed to influence my experience. I am doing a larger experiment where I am trying to mainly nostril breath all the time, so I extended it to today’s OM as well. The first thing I noticed about this was the lack of sound that was coming out of me. The intensity of the orgasm was there but not the vocalization of the pleasure. Eventually that shifted a bit, if i remember. It seemed that breathing with my mouth closed seemed to contain the experience in a way. To be honest, I lost track of this throughout the OM, and what I did notice wasn’t retained. I’d like to continue to explore how this impacts my OM’ing experience.


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