Fine tuning attention

I’ve been exploring the subject/object relationship a lot. Which is to say, the appearance of those things. Magically, as it often seems, last nights OM mirrored my exploration in an exquisite way.

The OM started with me already turned on, my body was alive, and alert- my attention wide and curious. His finger… where was it? My clit turned into a kind radar, trying to locate his finger. The strangest thing happened: I couldn’t quite find the point of contact between clit and finger, but my clit started to contract and pulsate very quickly into the OM. My attention became quite fine tuned, to stay connected with the finger that was apparently there but couldn’t quite be tangibly felt, but very much experienced. Something was happening, that was for sure. I didn’t know what- i didn’t know when he was stroking up or down. I couldn’t  locate speed, or location. But my clit was deliciously alive and I was on trip that I never wanted to end.

I continuously felt my clit contract and pulsate, and stayed right there with my attention. Subject/object would come in and out of attention- most of the time feeling like neither were present but instead something much “larger” and encapsulating. Various happenings cycled:  energy would shoot up my body, gasps would erupt from my mouth, my breathing would hasten into near pants, my yearning would feel like it would kill me, and the exquisite sensations surrounding my pussy were so “delicate” that at times I wanted to cry.

At some point the energy dropped down and my root chakra caught it. Almost simultaneous the energy shot down my legs and up through my torso and out my crown. My heart chakra felt like it was going to burst and overwhelming bliss came in, bringing some tears with it.

I found out later that my stroker was doing super slow and light strokes, which is why I couldn’t track him. And he was really grounded in his system, and attuned to mine. A damn fine combination, apparently. So much yum, in 15 minutes.


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