Softer, slower, shorter strokes

This morning my intention was to simply stay with the sensation of finger on skin and see what came from that. What came were repeated requests that all seemed to invite my stroker to soften his stroke, slow down his stroke, and occasionally shorten his stroke.

I love how the subtlety of a soft and slow stroke brings things up from deep inside. It seems to make my attention stretch out, to perk up it’s ears, to open, to deepen. The spaciousness that I feel with a softer and slower stroke seems to invite my clit and my pussy to extend … to come further out into the world, to open even more deeply, and to feel even more exquisitely. The sensations that come with a softer and slower stroke feel much less predictable, and much less tied to any kind agenda. The experience becomes even more organic, spontaneous, and delightful. A short stroke invites my attention to study a particular resonance of sensation with focus and intricacy. The delight that shows up through fine tuned attention is magnificent and powerful.

Without an agenda, without predictability, I get to watch my body take on a life of it’s own. Spontaneous clenches and urges to rise my hips to induce climax, surges of heat passing through my body, and bolts of energy that shoot down my leg and up by torso out the top of my head. Today I was particularly caught off guard by a sudden orgasmic blast that shot up my torso through the top of my head. It came while I was in the middle of a breath-  I snorted, gasped, and moaned all in the course of a split second. It felt amazing and left me fully entertained and grateful with the spontaneous nature of life when we live from a place of presence. Simple. Free. Fully turned on.