Safe to be me, part 2

I sat down to write about my morning OM. Instead, out popped this. I decided for it to be it’s own post, and write about my OM in separate post. This post 🙂

What can I say, it’s been a few hours so I’ve forgotten the specific intention that I melded with as my OM began. But it was something along the lines of inviting myself to be safe with being me, however that showed up.

This is what I noticed for the first part of the OM: wave after wave of orgasms dancing up my body, down my body, beneath me, above me and inside me. The waves seemed to be birthed from my strokers fingers on my clit, but attention itself was in the waves, as opposed to his finger/my clit.

For awhile now I’ve been exploring  “time and space” with regards to sensations- OMing provides such a good container for that! During today’s OM I noticed that “pools of energy” were in my attention-  at first they seemed localized in my body, but then would  “hoover” outside of that particular location and move around- outside- my body. As these explorations happened, waves of energy continued to shoot throughout my body, and gasps of sound came out of my mouth. Even though my daughter was on the other side of the door, my entire system felt safe to feel whatever I was feeling and to “sound out” whatever was organically wanting to be vocalized. I felt a deep freedom to be me- a person who feels deeply, who feels intensely, who expresses.

A split second later my attention laser beamed to my pussy- it was as if my attention had rediscovered my partner’s finger and my clit making sweet love. The sudden discovery of this was overwhelmingly yummy. What had been out of my attention was now front and center, and I was overcome by swirling energies all throughout my pussy. My attention was now fully engaged there. What started as clit/finger sensations became much larger, deeper, and wider. At one point it felt like I could feel the entirely of my clit-not just the part where my partners finger met, but the “wishbone” parts that run along side my pussy on both sides. I could feel the “wings” of my clit pull and squeeze and pulse and vibrate. It felt like there was a surging of energy from the tips of the wings all the way up to the “head” of my clit.

This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this kind of engagement, or should I say engorgement,  but something felt different about it. Laying flat on my back, there was no doing on my part required. I was simply there to receive, feel and allow. I felt safe to do all three. My pussy and my clit were fully safe and free to engage in this deeper way of being- to “make themselves known” in an intimate and fine tuned way. I was safe to be me.



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