Heaven and Earth

I felt particularly chill before our OM yesterday. I’d just had a nice bike ride, and it felt good to connect with the floor. I could feel the supportive nature of the floor and that turned me on- it was warm from the sun coming through the windows and felt soft yet solid under my body. My skin, my body… I was pleased.

As I laid back situating my legs and feet I wondered if I’d have an intention for this OM. Even thought i hadn’t cognitively connected with the word support earlier, it was in my lived experience and in my attention, so it naturally flowed into my mind- my intention was to connect to how I was being supported in each moment.

I dropped the intention and breathed into my being. Very quickly after the OM started my attention b-lined from my clit, where my partner’s finger was VERY softly stroking my clit (so softly that i felt more energy than stroke),  up through my throat, up through what felt like an energetic thread, to a space “beyond”.  A very refined energy was in my attention. No content, but the words I could use to try and “get at” this experience are: sweet, delicate, yet powerful and immense. Attention hovered here for awhile. My clit/his finger took up little attention or interest, had little substance. My pussy was adulating periodically, and kriyas spontaneously shot up though my body, which seemed to “flare” the energy center where my attention was mainly playing with- the space “beyond.” In general my pussy was not in my attention, and it seemed that there wasn’t a lot of sensation there. My partner and I had recently had a conversation about OMing and sex, and I noted that although there was tremendous aliveness and turnedonness, nothing that i was experiencing was what one might label as sexual, or referencing sexual activity of any sort.

At some point attention fell into my heart and i felt an overwhelming energy presence there. I felt tears fall down my cheeks, and the beginning of a wave of emotion was building. I had no content but my mind was looking for some, as if to give “reason” for this overwhelming presence. As I noticed that, the need for story fell away, and the sensation was just free to be experienced.

At some point my pussy began to undulate quite a bit, and  attention turned toward this happening. I felt my pussy’s waves, her pushes and pulls. I felt the surges of energy pulsate through my body. I got curious of the openings and closings. I played with the closings, inviting the openings to open more, and the closings to soften – not because there was anything  wrong with the rhythmic movement, but just because I could. At one point I imagined my pussy opening and softening “beyond” – up and out. My partner later told me he had a significantly sweet experience right around that time.

Throughout the OM attention periodically dropped in and out of the form of my body and the solid floor beneath. I felt many times how my sacrum in particular was supported by the floor, was held. This felt profound. After one such noticing the energy dropped “down and in” through my lower chakras, through my legs, and the space beyond form. I felt my body lengthen, as if my legs were getting longer. It was like I had widened my system to the heavens earlier, and now was widening my system to the earthly.

I got a bit mental for a bit. I haven’t been making requests in my OMs lately and that dropped into my attention. I decided to make one, just for the sake of making one- knowing that requests are there to support me, in a variety of ways. I hesitated bc nothing was wrong, and i didn’t want to “ruin” a good thing. My OM partner and I have talked about this before, and I remembered how nothing can be ruined, just new experiences can be had. So I made a request. I felt the response on my pussy. I felt the support of my partners finger, and of him as he checked in with me.

It was really sweet for me to have this OM experience- all it’s bits (the mental activity, the doings, the sensations, the deep expansiveness, etc) felt like they were for me- were truly supporting the beingness of this person named Lisa on this planet called Earth.


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