Commit to you.

“Would you like to OM?”


Sometimes it seems so simple- make an offer, get an answer. Hear an offer, give an answer.  “Would you like to OM?”  “Yes.”  “No.”  Simple, right?

Then there are times where it’s more like this:  Consider and then think about making an offer/the answer. Worry and get anxious about making an offer/the response. Getting excited about making an offer/the answer but hesitate. And so on.  All the various contents and details can feel complicated! Sometimes it’s almost a miracle that we humans can get past our thoughts at all!

This morning when my OM partner asked if I wanted to OM I was hesitant. We had had a sensitive discussion earlier in the day and weren’t feeling very connected.  OMing is such an amazing vehicle for inviting connection but sometimes defense and vigilance get in the way. In a split second my thoughts offered reasons to say no. Immediately I checked into a space that is beyond thoughts, and found an opening. The no had vanished. At first I was going to respond “sure.”  But I wanted to commit, really commit, and I could feel that the “sure” wasn’t all in. I checked in again and I could feel the clear resonance: “Yes,” I replied. I was all in- consciously all in. From that place of self connectivity, I was able to immediately start to connect with my OM partner, even before he arrived. My OM started from the moment I committed to the yes.

Connecting and committing to my Yes’ and  No’s feels important and extends way beyond OMing into life in general. OM’ing has helped me to connect to my inner resonance so that I can more readily land in a Yes or No, as opposed to the land of complication that I wrote about earlier.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s a yes or a no- just settle into and let go of the rest. Stay the course.  Doing this has allowed me to commit to showing up on the planet, with others, and most importantly with myself. It weeds out dissonance and distraction, and allows for the energy to streamline into purpose. Without being clear in my  yes’ or no’s, I leave a gap of attention wide open- this gap can suck the creative and focus out of my life, as a plethora of random chitter chatter, doubt, defense and dissonance take over.

Yes’ and No’s aren’t permanent. They don’t last forever. A yes or a no has the freedom to change, but commit to it first. Let it run it’s course, so you can experience the benefit of really showing up for yourself and your life.





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