OMing and the nervous system

I’ve been really studying my nervous system. Yeah, I get how that might sound bizarre. But i’ve been getting to know it intimately- how it feels when it’s amped up or cut off, and ways i can nurture it and support it.

My nervous system is really wise. She knows what’s up, and if i pay attention she will reveal to me what needs attending to. And, if i do that, it will happily release old pain body build up. If I take care of her, she will most definitely take care of me.

I’d had a very intense day- earlier in the morning  i had journeyed into some deep situated conditioning and my body literally shook as layer after layer was released/integrated. By the time our OM took place I felt  available and open for exploration.

One really fun thing that I experienced was as my partner slowly stroked upwards on my clit, i simultaneously felt a stroke happening from my heart up through my throat and out the top of my head. Oh, the delight!

But what I really want to express is my curiousity of how my nervous system gets impacted by OMing. (I’m super curious if this has ever been studied- and i’m guessing yes.) What I experienced today was what felt like a primordial connection to my nervous system, from my tail bone all the way up to my spine in particularly, but also emanating down my legs, hovering around my body, and around my crown. At one point i had the visual of a double helix/infinity sign weaving through my system, as if there was some kind of reset or integration happening.

This was one of the most grounding OMs I can remember in a long time. My system felt like it was fully on line- I had no noticeable vigilance (cognitively or somatically) and was quite present to body, mind and soul.

I can’t imagine the benefits OMing has on the nervous system- i’d love to hear if there is any research happening on this front!



One thought on “OMing and the nervous system

  1. I love this post!! Truly amazing!

    I’d also love to discuss this further with you, as I just started OMing, and I’m quite interested in the effects of OM on the nervous system 🙂 Feel free to reach out to me at the email left in my information details 🙂

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