Oming as a sex practice

My OM partner and I routinely chat about how OMing relates to sex, sexuality, sexual practices, etc.  There’s a lot to explore in that topic, some of which has to do with semantics but more so with what we conceptually attach to sex- in other words, our meaning making. It’s a big topic. It’s a curious topic.

I hadn’t even realized it until about 3/4 through the OM I started to be flooded with pleasure in my clit. MMMMMMMM and YES!  I wondered if I was going to climax. I noticed the stroke was firmer than usual. I wondered if I could make myself have a climax. I had a thought of having sex with my neighbor. And then BOOM my attention was no longer localized on my clit. My clit remained in my attention, I continued to experience pleasure, but attention was also back to the totality of my body- my attention was back in Aliveness, as opposed to “sex.”

In yesterday’s OM my clit was stroked for 15 minutes- my clit, which is basically considered a sexual organ. But even though my sexual organ was being directly stroked, the entire time, concepts related to climax or sexual acts or clit focused pleasure were a small small small fraction of that 15 minutes. Which is why, for me, I often don’t think of OMing as a sexual practice even though it’s centered around my sexual organ. OMing is *so much more.*   And, perhaps we’re back to semantics. 🙂

I don’t have issue when my attention becomes clit focused or even “sex focused” during an OM. That can be hella fun!  And, over all, I find that when the rest of my body is also within attention there is a richer and more profound experience with Aliveness. Perhaps not better, just different.


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