I can feel my orgasm rise and fall as I feel undulations. And within that, it’s like something “in my pussy” opens and closes.  i wonder how apparent it is to an eye, or to a finger, or energetically. I imagine it’s subtle, except that to me it’s intense. And I don’t even know what’s actually happening  ‘down there’ anyway! The openings and closings of my pussy, of what feels like my clit, are intense. Can a clit open and close? I find all these questions entertaining. And a bit unnecessary, but that’s the mind…

Most of these thoughts are coming now, as i write about the experience. But some showed up during- mainly that whatever is happening is such.a.mystery!

It seems that my clit, or that the energy of my clit, was opening and closing, but whether that’s true or not I don’t know so  I just leaned into the energy that was opening and closing. The energetic expression was illusive yet quite intense, so I just stayed with the mystery.

I kept leaning into what seemed like openings and closings. And i felt. And i felt. And i felt some more. And the energy went up, up, up… like the opening and closing energy drews upwards, to the space above the clit and pussy. It felt a bit like my orgasm was pulling upwards, and my pleasure was riding around me. And hovering above…   Like the opening and closing reached to this hovering spot. The orgasm grew, and reached toward the hovering “spot.”

This wasn’t the first time I’d experienced this. It’s been pretty common the last 6 months, but I got to study it pretty intently today. I’m particularly fascinated by it- by the entire mystery of whatever is actually happening. And I’m ok that I actually have no idea. Probably because it feels so deliciously amazing.


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