Gloves and their magic

Confession: the person I’ve OM’d with the most never wore gloves. We were close friends when we first OM’d, and while we were trying to be mindful of the container, neither of us were much for following rules.

My first experience with gloves was a few months later. And while I don’t know if it was crucial for my own sense of safety, I was appreciative of them. I barely knew the guy, and he was about to have his hands on my pussy.

Fast forward to when I found some local people to OM with. By this time my relationship to the container had changed- the gloves were now mandatory with anyone not my romantic partner (our OM coach said this was ok). This was not always well received by my new “main stroker”. He always obliged, but expressed frustration over their awkwardness and particularly how it made it difficult for him to feel me.

A couple weeks ago he grabbed the wrong gloves- they were too big and the OM was comedic at times, frustrating at times, and also still yummy at times. I reminded him that the gloves were mandatory, and that he might consider connecting with others in the OMing community if wearing gloves was continuing to be a challenge for him.

Last week he brought the right gloves, but still the glove issue showed itself. After making a request for him to soften his stroke he said, “I can’t feel you through these gloves.”  I invited him to let go of the tactile feeling of his finger, move to his energetic body, stay tuned into my requests, and simply follow the flow of my energy. I reminded him that although he may not be able to feel my clit, my clit was feeling him. Stay with the energy.

Afterwards he said that was the best OM he’d experienced yet. And it was damn good for me too. It was an exchange that demonstrated that it’s not gloves that get in the way, it’s one’s ideas about the gloves and one’s disconnect from the energy body that get in the way. Whatever you think is to “blame” for your less then desired experience- explore that. Meet it head on. Go deeper.

I love that he had such a great OM. I love that he got to experience first hand what OMing is about. I love that he was able to let go of his glove obsession and feel deeply into his energetic experience. The magic of orgasm isn’t in a finger. It’s so much larger then that.

As awkward and impersonal as gloves may seem to be, there is a method to their madness. There is wisdom in why they are part of the container. In my experience, there is wisdom in every.single.part of the OM container. It may take years for the wisdom to be revealed. Be patient. Keep bringing attention back to the body. Orgasm is waiting patently for your arrival to her presence.


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