OM container extended to life


Paying attention to the distinctions I make is useful. Making clear and conscious distinctions allows me to be intimate with self regulation and self awareness – both of which are crucial for maturity. Most of us weren’t taught this by the people we were designed to learn this from – our primary caregivers. Instead we learn in along the way.

There are many ways to get at this knowing, and OMing is one of them. For me OMing is often a microcosmic representation of the macro. The OMig container helps show me/ helps me to identify ways that I have lived (and still live) from an immature/unintegrated place, both in the OM container and out of it. In other words,  I get to see my immaturity in OMing, but also how those bits are playing out in the world/through my life. Once those more conditioned  bits of me are exposed, I can then either choose to face them, or bury them- mature, or stay infantile.

OMing isn’t for everyone. Not everyone gets to touch my pussy. Not everyone should get to touch my pussy. Not everyone gets to even talk about my pussy with me. Not everyone should get to. I get to decide. I don’t have a test to give people. I use my best judgement , based on what I’ve learned along the way. My judgement is sometimes off, and i continue to learn along the way. In general, those interested in maturing get a chance. And we go from there. It’s important to make distinctions who I OM with, just as it’s important to make distinctions with whom I life with. The container created in OMing is crucial. But the container in my life deserves just as much consideration.  My life. My time. My energy.  And always, my orgasm. I am that important to pay attention to my wants, my needs, and what feels right for my system.

It doesn’t serve my individual growth (in an OM or out of an OM) when I say yes to people and/or behaviors (mine or others) that come from entitlement, desperation, fear and loathing (great movie btw). UNLESS they are able to see those bits in themselves and have the readiness/willingness to meet their shit straight on and not dump it on others. We all do this to a certain extent, and when we do it’s paramount that we stop and be quiet. Find humility. Get curious. Ask questions. Listen. Find empathy. In order for the OM container to work as intended, self awareness is needed. Same with life. The same conscious attention that is applied to and with OMing can be applied in every moment of life.

There’s nothing quite like a good solid container. In OMing, and in life.


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