As I was being grounded at the end of today’s OM, as I was grounding myself, I felt gratitude for the part of this practice. “Press harder please”, I requested to my partner. I often make this request at the end of the two minutes, as the hands press into the pussy, but this came as he was grounding my legs. I could really feel my system want to be grounded, and I could feel how the pressure of his hands on my thighs assisted the grounding as I consciously felt the energy moving down my legs. It is a gorgeous feeling to be intimate with the energy sinking down through the pelvis, down through the legs.

I’m grateful that my ex teacher incorporated special grounding practices into the lineage practice she taught after feeling how important it was for functioning and for embodiment. I constantly come across people who have been doing spiritual practices that don’t know anything about grounding- and it shows. Our culture in general is not very embodied, and neither are the majority of spiritual practices. In general, through culture or through teachings, we’re taught to get out of the body, to go “up and out” of the body. We wind up dissociated- be living in the heavens, or living in our heads. Neither are very useful for being fully present in our lives.

I love that the OM practice has this very important component. It feels wise, so important, to honor our systems with grounding energy. OMmmmmm



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