Life’s Strokes

In the last couple days I’ve been getting a glimpse of ‘strokes’ that occur outside the OM container, in life. I don’t have much comprehension of it from an OT perspective, and I’m looking forward to exploring this topic with veteran OMers. In the mean time, I’m playing with it how I relate to it. It’s a bit nebulous, but I can feel it.

I received a email from an ex this morning. In OM language, I could feel the strokes in the email. I could feel the impacts of the strokes. Some of the strokes were satisfying. Some where not. The email didn’t bring completion. It didn’t bring resolution. But it brought something of value, something deep and wide and beautiful. Something *in me* opened, in certain ways, to various strokes.

In OM language, it was a good pressure.  Especially satisfying: it was the right speed. The length of the strokes was lovely. The email feel nurturing, “warm”, sweet, kind. Perhaps the stroke was not long enough at times.  Perhaps the stroke was not penetrating enough at times. Perhaps the stroke was off center, off the clit a bit. Perhaps it was too quick at times. But damn, over all it felt good. Not because it solved anything. I don’t even know why. Maybe because I could feel the flow. The conscious attention to movement. His own orgasm. My orgasm.

I realized that the email had been satisfying as I was being stroked this morning. The strokes  felt so good. So connected to my pussy. Even flow. Smooth. Nurturing. Soft. Warm. Present. When my mind jumped to the email,  that’s how the email felt. And that’s when the experience of strokes in our daily moments/lives dropped in more deeply, revealing themselves for me to see more clearly. Once again, the microcosm of the OM revealing itself in the macro.

I don’t know if this is how OT references “being stroked” in our daily lives but my attention is really tuning toward the stroke of moments- their impact, my responses, the adjustments made, the surrender or resistance. It’s hard to pinpoint at times- it feels subtle but also “real.” This exploration excites me.


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