I am the gatekeeper of my oxytocin.

I am the gatekeeper of my oxytocin.

I’m feeling super grateful this morning for being able to be the gatekeeper of my oxytocin, for my orgasm. I didn’t always have this capacity.  I didn’t even understand that I was giving it away, and often letting others suck it out of me. I didn’t realize that it had become a commodity. I didn’t realize that the masculine felt so entitled to it that my lack of will, my constant opening and surrender, was seen as a good thing. I didn’t realize that I was living out the culturally mandated toxic female- to serve and surrender to stay safe and loved. I didn’t notice my exhaustion after a weekend with my lover -as I energetically and spiritually gave gave and gave from my oxytocin and orgasmic high. And I didn’t notice that this giving was aiding his toxic masculine-keeping him infantile instead of maturing.
I’m blown away by the power of owning my orgasm. It’s truly empowering, for me and for the masculine. Both people win when there is full accountability and energetic consciousness of exchange.



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