The unexpected gifts of OMing

I love how my OM practice extends out into life in mysterious ways!

Yesterday I had a lunch date. I set a timer for 20 minutes. We didn’t talk but a lot discovery took place in those 20 minutes. We kissed, touched, looked, breathed, vocalized. We felt.  A lot.

I didn’t realize until today that in some ways it was like an OM- there was a container of sorts that was set (clearly not as tight as a OM), there was constant conscious connection (stroking) happening, there was a lot of attention paid to sensations, and there was no agenda. This all just happened. It wasn’t planned. It seems like it “just happened” in part because my OMing contributes and influences my life in so many ways.

During those 20 minute there was no where to go, and nothing to do. Just go with the flow and be present with whatever was happening. Although no audible requests were made, we each moved in ways that supported the orgasm that was flowing between us, and made adjustments as resonated to support that orgasm. We weren’t trying to achieve any kind of state, or have a particular kind of experience, so we weren’t bound by any kind of agenda- which was immensely freeing. Sometime we moved fast, sometimes slow- however we moved, we did it with conscious awareness. Presence.

Without attention needing to go to the mental realm- figuring out, agenda, understanding or right/wrong, etc- attention is free to go to the senses. Wow, is it amazing to have so many resources available to feel, when we’re not busy thinking. I repeatedly consciously connected to my 5 (plus) senses and sky rocketed our orgasm. It was delightful to be so present- it felt so intensely nourishing and supportive for my being.

This delight- to really give the senses my attention- is available in any moment. And yet how quickly I go to the mental realm in different situations. Typing this out, as I recall different experiences I had throughout yesterday, I feel the deep invitation to forgo those activities and interactions that are more mentally dependent. They drain and do not nourish, and for the most part are not necessary in my life. I’m grateful for the continued gift of OMing and how it helps me to make distinctions for the health of my being, and am excited to continue to extend my OM learnings out beyond the cushion!


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