Heart Stroke…

As the morning passed I started to notice a subtle anxiousness arise. My solar plexus was tight- gripping almost. A lot of energy running through my body, which is typical, but this had a angsty feeling with it that wouldn’t quite settle.

There wasn’t content so it wasn’t as mental as it was energetic. Who knows why- maybe because we’ve just launched missiles into Syria? Maybe because of personal stuff unwinding and birthing?

I decided to safe port my OM partner when he came in and briefly told him what was up. “Just in case I have some kind of something,” I said. He listened and thanked me.

As he began stroking me my orgasm was no where to be found. I waited. I was surprised because earlier that morning my pussy and body was quite alive!  I waited. My orgasm was still out of my attention but my heart was quite on line, and tended to her, gently. Something was going on, just not in my pussy.

I alternated attention between my heart and my pussy. I made some requests, directing him to how my pussy wanted to be touched, and he responded vocally and in touch. My heart softened. I wondered if this would be one of those OMs that wasn’t so much about my pussy.

And then my orgasm unexpectedly arose. With full vigor and aliveness. But not in my pussy. My orgasm arose in my heart, and tears started to fall. I drew more breath into my heart, and she grew.

It was my heart that was being stroked. My precious heart. With each stroke my heart was being stroked. With care. Kindness. With Presence. Tears. Love. Gratitude. My heart was opening. She was safe to open. She was being met.

Feeling rather vulnerable, open and exposed, I  made another request, in an almost timid voice; “Would you mind bending your knee more?” “Oh, yes,” he gently responded, and moved his leg. More tears spilled from my eyes and I started to very subtly shake. My openness to him, my openness to myself, was returned with openness. Tears. Relief. Healing.

There is something so powerful in being open to someone who has the ability to then be open in return. And it makes me wonder- is anything more precious then to have one’s heart stroked, tended to, met- without pretense or defense or expectation?

All of the sudden- out of nowhere! my pussy came on line, and my orgasm flowed down through my body and into my clit and through my pussy. Ahhhhh.

The OM went in a totally different direction after that- from heart orgasm to full body orgasm. My clit was full of sensation, my breath was surging through me, kundalini was flowing up my back- my being was yielding to the orgasmic flow. I was hers.

Attention continued to flow between my heart and my pussy. I remember one time in the OM when my heart felt so wide, so deep, tears streaming down my face, and with that expansion I felt a huge movement through my hole body, particularly in my pussy. Ahhhhh.

It may not always seem true, due to the protective shields that most of us have around our hearts, but it seems as through the heart really is the key to the pussy. Once that shield has been removed, a new wisdom reveals itself, and a higher level of expansion flows forth, and it becomes self evident how true that saying really is.

Oh heart. Thank you. ❤





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