The song of orgasm, cont.

Last night I was with my sweetie and it dawned on me how OMing reaches so many corners of my life. It’s a new relationship, so lots of newness in general- including lots of new hotness. ROAR!!! and SWOOOOON! AND some fears and discomfort too as the vulnerability scales are being massively tipped.

We had set a container to have a make out, clothes staying on. At some point I was reminded of the early days of OMing, when my mind was constantly going to thoughts, visuals-the mind going “there”- future, action, outcome, etc.  But because of my OMing/mindfulnes/inquiry practices I didn’t have to act on any of it, which was super powerful.

It was so similar to an OM! I wrote about the song of my orgasm yesterday, and last night that study continued. The song danced between my pussy and my heart. It was a fantastic and intense study. If a heart can climax, mine did last night. Surging and contracting and a pulsating that took me over, just like a pussy climax does. Honing attention to the song of the orgasm, and how that song dances, is certainly my study of late. 😀

To really stay “here”- fully present, fully committed to feeling it all. To not jump to action to skip out of feeling or bypassing any of the feelings that may be overwhelming or uncomfortable. And also to not jump to action because the feelings of pleasure are so intense! 
I don’t think i’ve ever felt so present, and yet not hurried, when things were hot as hell and the orgasms are flying all over the place. To really bask fully in it. And To not move away from any of the challenges either. So grateful.


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