I’ve been really exploring into the space behind all the “trying” and “doing”-  the space of being. Beingness is here all the time- but it often goes unnoticed as attention gets caught in the mental arena. Once in that mental arena we’re no longer in touch with direct experience, but instead are in the land of imagination- of figuring out, analyzing, and so on: mentally creating as opposed to consciously directly experiencing life.

Sometimes- maybe almost always- we have to slow wayyyyy dowwwwwwn to connect with our direct experience of beingness, bc of all the data and all the meaning making happening.

In this week’s OM i was drawn for a super slow OM. I probably requested “slow down” 20 times. I wanted to feel the space of beingness, and was experiencing so much data that it felt like things were going “too fast.”

There is an exquisiteness in slowing way down, in feeling the most subtle and sublime. No where to go, nothing to do, but hone in on the most intricate bits of beingness. Ohmmmmmmm.


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